Forward New Orleans

Public Safety

Increased public safety is crucial to the continued growth and success of our vibrant city.  City leadership must work together to strategically reduce violent crime through both prevention and enforcement.

The Public Safety Platform



+ Immediately develop a sustainable, evidence-based strategy to reduce violent crime.

Prioritize development and publication of a proactive, multi-year strategy to reduce violent crime, with clear programmatic priorities. Collaborating with local and national experts and partner agencies, make evidence-based decisions on the programs and units most critical for addressing violent offenders; build the expert staff necessary for uninterrupted operation. Ensure sustainability through complete implementation, with protected funding and resources. Develop and publish metrics to track performance; measure success through a data-driven analysis that identifies the most effective tactics on reducing violent crime.

+ Grow the NOPD through robust recruitment, retention, human resources, and training policies.

Grow the force by developing a robust, professional recruiting program with a full-time recruiting director and staff. Establish a recruiting plan based on existing hiring data with a clear, streamlined hiring process that identifies and actively engages top candidates, tracks recruiting efforts through performance metrics, and includes implementation of a branding campaign. Sufficiently staff a human resources department, with a full-time director, based on modern industry standards. Implement HR policies aimed at reducing attrition. Attract and retain officers through improved personnel policies, including nationally competitive compensation and promotion opportunities for officers designed to incentivize superior, long-term service. Support all officers by continuing to build a state-of-the-art training facility, with a top-tier director and staff, that includes diversified, experiential training and education opportunities. Using these strategies, commit to achieving a target net increase in force size of 50 officers each year.

+ Invest in and scale technology as a force multiplier.

Ensure the full implementation, maintenance, and operation of purchased technology. Continue to scale a fully-staffed and appropriately equipped Crime Analytics Unit dedicated to intelligence operations and data-driven enforcement. Identify and invest in the development of modern technology to complement existing measures, increase officer efficiency and effectiveness, and ease manpower demands.

+ Empower an appointed Superintendent to lead with autonomy and accountability through performance metrics on priority issues.

Appoint a top-tier Superintendent committed to cultivating a results-oriented culture of high-quality leadership, strict accountability, and community engagement. Develop, publish, and implement Superintendent performance guidelines designed to ensure a high-functioning force; include metrics around recruitment, attrition, response times, and reduction of violent crime. Demonstrate consistent progress in these key areas. Afford the Superintendent appropriate policymaking discretion and budgetary flexibility based on expertise.

+ Make a long-term commitment to improved infrastructure and equipment.

Recognize the importance of modern, functional infrastructure and equipment in creating a first-class police force, and make decisions around NOPD infrastructure improvements accordingly. Make a long-term funding commitment for fleet development and maintenance. Prioritize funding for necessary infrastructure upgrades, including a shooting range. Replace outdated officer equipment; create a master inventory to ensure efficient and transparent use of funds. Work with the Criminal District Court to improve evidence management, including plans and funding for expeditiously developing an appropriately located and monitored evidence storage facility.


Criminal Justice System

+ Lead an integrated and strategic planning process for all criminal justice agencies.

Convene and participate in a council among criminal justice agency heads, including the Mayor, District Attorney, Sheriff, NOPD Superintendent, Public Defender, Clerks of Court, and Youth Study Center Superintendent, to develop a coordinated strategic plan for improving the criminal and juvenile justice systems within 12 months of taking office. Include robust support for diversion and prevention programming, as well as re-entry initiatives. Promote meaningful collaboration by creating a framework for regular communication among agency heads on these issues. Require a results-oriented approach that de-politicizes the integrated budgeting process, and make budgetary decisions that incentivize optimal interagency performance and public safety.

As the City transitions out of the NOPD Consent Decree, commit to proactive policing within constitutional parameters. Preserve and continue to abide by court-approved objectives, while advocating for an appropriate level of autonomy and flexibility when needed. Require annual reports on maintenance of Consent Decree reforms to the Criminal Justice Committee. Ensure that existing funding dedicated to Consent Decree compliance and programming is preserved and remains in the NOPD budget; promote investment in reforms as a path to long-term sustainability.

Support and advocate for full, efficient implementation of court-approved jail plans, including the Medical/Mental Health Housing Plan and Consent Decree Remedial Action Plan. Collaborate with the Independent Jail Compliance Director to promote Consent Decree objectives and to ensure data-driven decision making on infrastructure and capacity. Support operational plans that have achieved consensus among criminal justice agencies. Support ongoing recruitment efforts and mandatory, top-tier training for jail personnel.

+ Responsibly implement the Citywide Public Safety Improvement Plan.

Undertake responsible implementation of the Citywide Public Safety Improvement Plan. Create specific timing and implementation benchmarks to measure progress. Ensure dedicated funding by the Convention Center Authority is used responsibly and strategically; promote transparency by tracking and reporting spending. Identify recurring revenue for future maintenance and operation of the Security Camera Command Center and other included initiatives. Engage in regular community outreach to keep citizens and businesses informed on the content and implementation of this citywide plan.

+ Create and manage a funded, public-private partnership dedicated to the coordination and provision of quality youth and family services.

Create and fund a public-private partnership dedicated to coordination and support of youth and family services, with a focus on mentoring, mental health and substance abuse. Use best-practice models from around the country to inform the structure and mission of the partnership. Compose a board of local experts, and coordinate with leaders in healthcare and the public school system, as well as NORDC. Develop a strategic plan for coordinated service delivery and support for existing service providers.