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WWL: Forward New Orleans issues mandate to mayoral candidates

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Duke Carter, WWLTV

NEW ORLEANS, LA. - Advocates from more than 20 New Orleans organizations have come together to form a list of issues the next mayor must address.

Greg Rusovich, the founder of Forward New Orleans, says his group wants to make sure the Crescent City continues to grow and thrive.

The organization’s mandate of issues covers six areas ranging from economic opportunity to infrastructure and public safety. Under each issue, the group lists goals.

For example, under public safety group members say they want the New Orleans Police Department to grow through strong recruitment. They also want better training policies and an investment on technology which they say will ultimately reduce crime.

“An increase of 50 net officers a year would be a big help, and if they are well trained, and they have the right technology and tools, we feel that they can impact crime in a positive way,” Rusovich said.

Rusovich said the mandate is a platform he believes anyone who wants to serve in office should support.

Councilwoman Stacy Head says the Forward New Orleans plan is a good blueprint for any leader looking to improve the city. However, she says the plan is not specific enough.

“There’s no advocacy arm and no accountability when an elected official promises to support this plan and then they don’t,” Head said.

Head says under the public safety section, leaders will have to do specific items to address crime.

“The crime fighting tools are going to require the mayor to do specific things,” Head said. “Talking in generality frankly isn’t going to get us there.”

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