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THE ADVOCATE: New Orleans coalition unveils agenda to aid next mayor, city council, preserve Landrieu's progress

Jessica Williams

For the past seven years, a diverse coalition of civic groups has quietly worked to help chart the course of New Orleans government, getting candidates in municipal elections to agree to pursue specific goals and then tracking how well the winners live up to their promises.

But that coalition, Forward New Orleans, could gain new prominence in a mayor's race that is flush with candidates but light on contenders who are household names in city politics.

What had seemed like a sleepy election season in New Orleans jolted awake Friday afternoon, …

The group will unveil its latest platform this week, after 18 people — including veteran politicians, businessmen and political rookies — signed up for a chance to become the city's next mayor during the three-day qualifying period for the Oct. 14 election that ended Friday. All told, a whopping 66 contenders qualified to run for 15 different offices, with the mayor's race drawing the biggest crowd. 

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Coleman Ridley