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Forward New Orleans releases candidate scorecard

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Forward New Orleans, a public policy group, has released its candidates scorecard.

The organization asked the candidates to pledge their support for each of the 11 planks in Forward New Orleans' platform, the organization's philosophy on everything from public safety to city finance.

"More than specific outcomes, it's asking them to commit to best practices, strategic planning excellence in government and working with stakeholders," said Richard Pavlick, a spokesman for Forward New Orleans.

Forward New Orleans plans to periodically evaluate the candidates who win to see if they are following through on their pledges, while in office.

The goal is to make it easy for voters to see the candidates' policy positions and then hold them accountable to their campaign promises.

With a few exceptions, all the candidates who responded to Forward New Orleans' scorecard questionnaire agreed to pledge their support for all 11 agenda items in the platform.