Forward New Orleans


The future of New Orleans depends on the health of its infrastructure.  Elected officials must dedicate and administer the resources necessary to operate, maintain, and improve our roads, drainage, sewerage, and water systems.

The Infrastructure Platform


+ Diligently administer the Comprehensive Capital Improvement Program.

Responsibly deploy the $2.4 billion in FEMA funding dedicated to comprehensive street and infrastructure repair through the Comprehensive Capital Improvement Program. Preserve the existing project prioritization based on the pavement assessment study, and strictly adhere to the established timeline for project implementation and completion. Carefully track and report spending on a project-specific basis. Increase transparency and coordination on project timing and manpower needs with the contractor community to ensure efficiency. Develop and track performance measures around project timing and cost; require quarterly reports to the City Council. Begin financial planning for closing the multi-billion dollar gap in funding required to complete all infrastructure repairs necessitated by the Program.

+ Improve community engagement and transparency on infrastructure projects and repairs.

Maintain an up-to-date web site that allows citizens searchable access to block-by-block information about project timelines, work schedules, anticipated street closures, and types of repairs. Provide real-time updates on street closures and infrastructure work via social media and established traffic application providers. Continue to publicly track and report pothole and streetlight repairs. Commit to robust community engagement, designed to ensure that all voices are heard, in the development and implementation of infrastructure projects.

+ Be a leader on stormwater management and resilience strategies.

Prioritize stormwater and green infrastructure projects across City agencies, including robust implementation of the Urban Water Plan. Establish long-term funding and workforce capacity for project maintenance and care. Incorporate stormwater management best practices on capital projects, where possible. Work with experts to identify best practices for incentivizing stormwater retrofits and expanding stormwater management criteria to business and residential plots less than 5,000 square feet. Continue to implement and update the Resilient New Orleans Strategy.

+ Identify and secure a stable, long-term revenue source to fully fund maintenance of the city’s drainage infrastructure.

Adopt the financial analysis set forth in the S&WB’s 10-Year Financial Plan on the additional revenue necessary to fully fund drainage system capital improvements through 2026. Perform a thorough analysis of viable options, including imposition of a stormwater fee, to close the gap between funds generated by the existing drainage millage and total funding required for ongoing drainage operations and maintenance. Work with local and national experts to develop a fee or funding structure that fairly distributes cost among properties based on demand. Engage in meaningful community outreach and education on the necessity of additional funding to continue drainage operations.

+ Identify and secure a stable, long-term revenue source for preventative street maintenance.

Protect and preserve the one-time $2.4 billion capital streets investment by fully funding a preventive maintenance plan for streets. Through improved budgeting and accounting procedures, ensure the City spends all revenues currently dedicated to streets and traffic signals on their dedicated purposes. Supplement existing dedicated revenues with additional funding to achieve the city’s estimated, annual preventive maintenance requirement of $30 to $35 million. Mine existing revenue sources before seeking new dollars from citizens; give priority consideration to use of existing street related revenue, or at a minimum its annual net growth, for street related expenses. Safeguard this revenue, once identified, to ensure it is available annually for preventive maintenance.