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Civil Service

Excellence in government begins with a motivated, well-equipped public work force. Meaningful implementation of civil service reforms is critical to enable functional, effective City agencies that are optimally staffed to provide basic services.

The Civil Service Platform


+ Fully implement the Great Place to Work reforms in substance and spirit.

Complete meaningful implementation of the Great Place to Work reforms within six months of taking office. Undertake and publish an analysis of rule implementation to date; compare performance with desired outcomes and address outstanding items. Foster an atmosphere of collaboration among Civil Service and City departments and agencies to achieve outstanding objectives, with an emphasis on increased managerial discretion. Promote teamwork and innovation to overcome personnel challenges. Embrace change and be a leader in cultivating a culture of excellence at City Hall.

Maintain existing Civil Service-related performance measures, and use recently created compliance metrics to develop additional measures around the following: average time between eligibility list posting and hiring date for new employees and percent of job creation requests that are deferred to Commission-level review. Use the information generated to further decrease hiring delays. Require staff to track and publish performance measures on a regular basis, through a Civil Service STAT program or before the City Council.

+ Modernize and condense City compensation and job classifications in line with best practices.

Work with the Commission to update and streamline City salaries and job classifications pursuant to best-practice recommendations generated by the citywide compensation and classification study, once complete. Use information generated from the study to develop and adopt a condensed classification system that allows for increased flexibility on pay and salary increases. Prioritize staffing needs, and fund salary increases accordingly.

+ Conduct annual performance evaluations of Civil Service senior staff.

Develop and publish workplans and performance standards for the Civil Service Executive Director and senior staff. Ensure that Commission and staff work priorities and goals are aligned. Immediately require the Commission to perform annual evaluations based on identified standards.

+ Hold Civil Service Commission meetings in the City Council chamber.

Immediately begin holding Civil Service Commission meetings in the City Council chamber to increase public accessibility and transparency. Modernize proceedings by televising the public/business agenda of each meeting as a tool to increase citywide education on the role of the Civil Service system in local government.