Forward New Orleans

City Services

To provide an improved quality of life for all New Orleanians, our City leaders must foster citywide connectivity through transportation, housing, education, and community engagement.

The City Services Platform


+ Advocate for the creation and implementation of a Strategic Mobility Plan that prioritizes quality transit services and regional connectivity.

Participate in the development, adoption and implementation of the Regional Transit Authority’s 20-year Strategic Mobility Plan. Advocate for responsible use of taxpayer dollars to increase citywide and regional connectivity, access to jobs, improved services, and fewer service interruptions. Collaborate with surrounding parish authorities on public transit options to and from housing, employment, and education hubs, including New Orleans East, major hospitals, the Louis Armstrong International Airport, downtown New Orleans, and refineries. Implement a minimum of 4 regional connections by 2021.

+ Continue to partner with HousingNOLA on implementation of the Housing for a Resilient New Orleans Five-year Strategic Plan.

Remain committed to the established goal of developing 7,500 affordable housing units by 2021. Preserve existing performance measures on homeownership development and completion of affordable rental units. Incentivize and promote transit-oriented development. Continue to collaborate with local organizations and developers on implementation of the City’s five-year strategic plan to increase high-quality affordable housing and reduce blight, including development of financial and other incentives to spur appropriate development.

+ Expand the concepts of community engagement and input in land use and quality of life decisions.

Increase community participation in making well-informed and balanced land use and development decisions. Request the City Planning Commission to undertake a study and recommendations on full implementation of the Neighborhood Participation Program, as set forth in Chapter 15 of the Master Plan within twelve months of taking office. Introduce, support and vote for appropriate legislation based on the CPC’s study and recommendations. Bring the City’s official neighborhood maps up to date to accurately reflect neighborhood boundaries and identities to help further economic development, neighborhood preservation, and community engagement.

+ Support high-quality education and opportunities for all public school students.

Align with the principles and action items in Forward New Orleans for Public Schools to promote high-quality education for all public school students. Continue funding high-quality summer internship and career development programs for public high school students. Collaborate with schools and the OPSB to increase alignment between public education and workforce needs. Advocate for and financially support efforts to expand quality early-childhood programming citywide.

+ Support NORDC as an integral provider of youth and recreation services.

Preserve and dedicate funding at current levels for the continued operation of the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission. Maintain and support the current public-private partnership structure. Protect and expand existing services and programming based on community interest and need. Identify and implement new, dedicated revenue streams to supplement current dedications and ensure adequate funding for ongoing, quality operations.