Forward New Orleans


Improving Our Great City


What We Do

Since 2010, Forward New Orleans has framed the debate in municipal elections by creating issue-based platforms that are guided by the basic tenets of good government: accountability, transparency, efficiency, and fiduciary responsibility. The coalition identifies the priority issues facing our city and develops a plan of well-researched, specific action items for each issue. It then presents the platform to candidates for elected office and seeks written pledges of support to execute on it. Before the election, Forward New Orleans widely publishes a scorecard that shows each candidate’s willingness, or lack thereof, to align on each issue.

Post-election, the elected officials’ pledges become mandates for action, effectively setting an agenda for the term. To hold officials accountable, Forward New Orleans then publishes detailed reports that acknowledge both progress and shortcomings on achieving platform objectives. Along the way, coalition members stand ready to help our local leaders translate the platform into successful action.

Why We Do It

As citizens, we are compelled to remain aware, informed, and engaged in local government. Forward New Orleans is a vehicle for setting high expectations on the issues that matter most and demanding performance from the leaders we elect. It is a unified voice asking our elected officials to engage with the community, make data-driven decisions, increase transparency, and commit to the core values of integrity, determination and courage that will continue to improve our great city.  

We do this to move New Orleans forward.  Join us.