Logo_tagWho we are.

Forward New Orleans is a diverse coalition of community organizations united in their vision of excellence in city government. The coalition came together for the 2010 municipal elections, and has persisted since. Member organizations vary in their respective missions and areas of focus, but find common ground in their belief that citizens deserve, and elected officials must deliver, a highly effective municipal government that translates into better quality of life for all citizens.

The Guiding Principles.

Forward New Orleans imposes an overriding requirement that elected officials must approach every issue with an appreciation for, and commitment to, the fundamental tenets of effective government: accountability, transparency, efficiency and the appropriate exercise of fiduciary responsibility. Elected officials must embrace best practices, performance measurement, peer-city benchmarking, and objective, data-driven decision-making. They must recognize the tremendous asset in citizen engagement and local expertise, and collaborate with community leaders on significant matters of policy and execution. Elected officials must possess integrity, honesty, determination and courage. They must be willing to act in furtherance of effective government even when it its not the most popular or politically expedient course of action.

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